HERTIMA COMPANY, a licensed and authorized contractor of the HERMON® system, presents the following offer:

1. Desalination

2. Fungus removal

3. Drying of buildings

4. Hydrophobization of walls and concrete constructions

It is an innovative environment-friendly technology that provides a permanent and effective solution to moisture problem in the case of walls and concrete constructions.

Carrying out the work does not require hacking off plaster, drilling holes, and undercutting foundations. The only requirement is access to the wall.

This technology allows for simultaneous desalination, drying, fungus removal, and hydrophobization of all kinds of walls as well as concrete and ferroconcrete constructions.

HERMON® is the safest, fastest, cheapest as well as most effective and environment-friendly technology.

Properties of the preparation

It eliminates microflora and microfauna, corrosion products, and excess moisture from the wall.

Merits of the preparation:

  • It is a non-toxic and environment-friendly substance.
  • It does not contain carcinogens.
  • It does not require undercutting foundations.
  • It does not require drilling holes in the wall.
  • It does not require hacking off plaster.
  • It does not require digging up foundations.
  • It does not require any waiting period for the adaptation of the spaces formerly subject to drying.

Hygiene Certificate Number: HK / B / 1667/01/2010

Patent Number: 192514

The way the technology works

1. Causes of wall corrosion

Buildings and other constructions, in the process of use, are subject to many adverse factors. Water is most common among them. However, other causes of excess moisture include vertical and horizontal insulation damage or lack of any insulation. Together with water, various salts penetrate the walls.

Brick, limestone and mortar, in particular, absorb water easily because the number of capillaries in such materials reaches up to 25 percent. Such high porosity facilitates water absorption. In the case of natural stone, the problem of water absorption concerns predominantly the filling material, namely mortar. In the contact of water, mortar becomes completely saturated with it.

In the structure of the damp wall the following processes take place:

  • The development of microflora and microfauna including fungi, mold, algae, mosses, bacteria, protozoa, amoebas, etc.
  • The development of wall corrosion manifesting itself in peeling plaster, crumbling mortar, cracking bricks as well as salt efflorescence and musty smell.

2. Repair

There are many alternative methods of curbing and eliminating the aforementioned harmful processes. Such methods are based on various chemical and physical mechanisms. Their effectiveness is debatable: some of them require disturbing the structure; for example, drilling holes in walls or undercutting foundations. Use of such methods is related to applying several preparations acting on the microflora and microfouna, and, separately, the damp absorbed by the walls.

So far there has been no simple and effective method of completely stopping and eliminating all harmful processes taking place in the damp walls.

The HERMON® Technology allows one to skip such labor-consuming and onerous activities as hammering, drilling holes, undercutting foundations, etc. Through multiple applications on the surface the preparation removes elements of microflora and microfauna, and excess moisture, from the damp walls suffering from corrosion. Another result of its application is waterproof impregnation and partial reinforcement of the wall improving its strength. Finally, the preparation permanently curbs capillary water absorption and, thanks to the transformation of the capillaries, functions as building horizontal insulation.

3. HERMON® preparation

3.1. Characteristic features

HERMON® is available in the form of four solutions: HERMON® I, HERMON® II, HERMON® III and HERMON® IV. The solutions are neither poisonous nor harmful to health; they do not pollute the environment. During the work no special personal protective equipment is necessary. The spaces and rooms in which HERMON® has been applied are ready for use without any waiting period.

3. 2. Application

The HERMON® technology is based on surface applications of the preparation solutions in the number and order specified in the guidelines. The preparation is applied by means of spraying.

3. 3. Effect

The water contained in the wall is a natural carrier of HERMON® (the more moisture in the wall, the more visible effects of the preparation applied).

In the process of how HERMON® works, the following phases can be distinguished:

3. 3. 1. Phase I

The preparation applied to the surface of the wall penetrates into its inside, using its natural capillaries. In the process of such penetration the preparation causes mineralization of the microflora and microfauna. This process, spreading deeper and deeper into the wall, leads to the effect of extracting the water inside and pushing it outside.

3.3.2. Phase II

In this phase, initial deceleration of the reaction caused in Phase I takes place. In this way, there appear proper conditions for spontaneous removal of any water blockages from the inside of the wall.

3.3.3. Phase III

The aim of this phase is to reduce the speed of reaction and to ensure its safe level. When applying the dose specified in the HERMON® Technology guidelines, the reaction starts on the surface and then spreads through the wall up to the moment of its completion.

4. Concluding remarks

The outdoor work can only be carried out at temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius. The indoor work can be carried out all year round. The surfaces subject to HERMON® should be prevented from becoming soaked during the work and 72 hours after its completion. All water inflows have to be cut off (by means of repairing installations and gutters, laying drainage systems, etc.) before the work begins. If the water inflow is not cut off, HERMON® will continually pomp the water out of the wall.

The company offers individual pricing and warranty conditions (provided with the HERMON® Technology guidelines for the building subject to the drying work).

The HERMON® Technology is to be used only by authorized contractors.

The product is not available in retail and wholesale trade.

HERMON® eliminates fungi and molds, together with their spores, as well as impregnates and strengthens the wall. If the technology is applied in the manner provided by the producer, in contrast to other preparations, re-appearance of molds and fungi is not possible; the only condition is proper ventilation.

In the case of applying the HERMON® Technology mainly in order to desalinate the walls, it should be appropriately modified according to the guidelines given by the producer.


In order to desalinate, dry and protect the walls against soaking and damp, HERMON® has been successfully used for twenty years.

Both conservators and investors give very positive opinions on the technology.

References are available upon request during individual meetings and consultations.

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